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Olha H.

A senior therapist for over eight years of experience, Olha’s healing skills and ability to locate a muscular problem and release it is one of her greatest pleasures. Strong in both deep tissue and medical massage, she realized that very early on she could help people with her hands and began to fine tune her skills. Completely unique, she does not just provide technique; she aims to achieve complete body balance. She is available Wednesday and Thursday evenings and on Sunday afternoons.

Kelli C.

A licensed therapist for over seven years, the joy of being a part of someone’s healing process pushes Kelli to pull out the stops for every client. Deep tissue, neuromuscular, sports, and pregnancy massages are the areas that she excels. She employs the use of trigger points and referral patterns of pain to ensure relief. Deep, relaxing, and attentive, Kelli is always sure to deliver exactly what you need. She is available Monday through Friday evenings.

Sherah V.

Her love of helping others has been a driving force in Sherah’s five years as a licensed massage therapist. Specializing in all areas of the body, she enjoys neck, shoulder, back, and hip work. An attentive listener, she can accommodate nearly all clients given her knowledge of a vast range of modalities. She is available Monday through Wednesday and Friday through Saturday mornings.

Rebecca C.

Licensed for three and half years, Rebecca Collins finds the drive to achieve peak performance in knowing that she can offer stress relief to others. A relaxation therapist incorporating the innovative cupping technique, she strives for overall relaxation. She is available Wednesday evenings, Friday & Saturday mornings.

Rebecca E.

Rebecca E thrives as a massage therapist because of her ability to help others feel better and improve muscle function. As someone who enjoys both problem solving and anatomy, she is a critical thinker when it comes to discovering the best way to heal the body. Constantly evolving with education, her specialty continues to change. Licensed for 3 years, she loves both deep tissue and therapeutic modalities. She is available Friday through Monday and Wednesday during the evening.

Jeremiah W.

Rewarding work that helps to ease the pain of others attracted Jeremiah to the massage therapy industry. Licensed for two and half years, he thoroughly enjoys performing deep tissue and therapeutic massages. His attention to detail in the calf and back regions make his signature style something not to be missed. He is available Saturdays evenings.

Felicite K.

Working on her second year of being a Licensed Massage Therapist, she focuses on her clients and their individual problem areas, especially problems with tension in the muscles, lower back, and glutes. She loves seeing the results in her clients once she was helped them to relax. Felicite is available during the day on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Todd M.

Todd is dedicated to building a community of clients that grow alongside him. Using his Intuition, and evolving skill set he works to effectively target problem areas, using a combination of deep tissue, neuromuscular, and sports massage techniques. He is available during the weekends Friday through Monday.

Felicia S.

Inspired by a love to help others, Felicia has been massaging since 2010. Felicia stresses the importance of massage as it helps us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  She excels in Deep Tissue, Sports, and Therapeutic modalities. Felicia likes a challenge and thrives on discovering the right touch to begin the healing process. Her fun, easy going personality will help you relax as her strong, confident hands release tension and calmness. Appointments available weekly.

Patti H.

Patti gains a genuine satisfaction, and sense of purpose from being involved in the healing process of her clients.  Specializing in Therapeutic, Neuromuscular, and Hot Stone Therapy, Patti’s innate sense of calm, and relaxing intuitive touch, will have you feeling like a new person. She is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Vanessa P.

Vanessa enjoys giving the power of a healing touch.  She thrives on helping people and listening to her clients thoroughly. She enjoys working on the legs which is the largest and strongest muscles in the body.  Her grace and postive attitude is contagious.

Nike P.

For every session Nike is solely focused on her client’s needs, she brings a gentle touch to her clients to ease stress, help them heal from within, and bring them to a peaceful place. She Specializes in neck and feet work, and her motherly energy is sure to bring comfort to your session.