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Aaron C.
Trained at Medical Training College, Aaron has been a licensed therapist for a year and a half.
He specializes in Deep Tissue, Relaxation, and Neuromuscular therapies with an interest in Sports Massage and Myofascial Release.
He is available for appointments at the Massage Emporium on Tuesday and Saturday mornings as well as Thursday and Friday evenings.

Jeremiah W.
Rewarding work that helps to ease the pain of others attracted Jeremiah to the massage therapy industry.
Licensed for two and half years, he thoroughly enjoys performing Deep Tissue and Therapeutic massages.
His attention to detail in the calf and back regions make his signature style something not to be missed. He is available Saturdays evenings.

Rebecca C.
Licensed for three and half years, Rebecca Collins finds the drive to achieve peak performance in knowing that she can offer stress relief to others.
A relaxation therapist incorporating the innovative Cupping technique, she strives for overall relaxation.
She is available Wednesday evenings, Friday & Saturday mornings.

Jeffery W.
Specializing in Thai massage, Deep Tissue, and Neuromuscular therapies, Jeffery is able to listen and understand client’s needs in great detail.
He has been licensed for three years now. His goal is to use empathy and wisdom to change someone’s life through touch.
He also focuses on neck, hip stabilization, and legs.

Rachel W.
Licensed for over six years, Rachel Watson enjoys the natural way of healing. Her overall goal as a therapist is to help people heal and feel their best.
Rachel specializes in Deep Tissue, relaxation, and Neuromuscular therapies with attention to detail on the neck and back.
She is available every other Saturday and Sunday from noon and six.

Rebecca E.
Rebecca E thrives as a massage therapist because of her ability to help others feel better and improve muscle function.
As someone who enjoys both puzzles and anatomy, she is a critical thinker when it comes to discovering the best way to heal the body.
Constantly evolving with education, her specialty constantly changes. Licensed for two years, she loves both Deep Tissue and Therapeutic modalities.
She is available Friday through Monday and Wednesday during the evening.
Olha H.
A senior therapist with over eight years of experience, Olha’s healing skills and ability to locate a muscular problem and release it is one of her greatest pleasures.
Strong in both Ddeep Tissue and Medical massage, she realized that very early on she could help people with her hands and began to fine tune her skills.
Completely unique, she does not just provide technique; she aims to achieve complete body balance.
She is available Wednesday and Thursday evenings and on Sunday afternoons.

Sherah V.
Her love of helping others has been a driving force in Sherah’s five years as a licensed massage therapist.
Specializing in all areas of the body, she enjoys neck, shoulder, back, and hip work.
An attentive listener, she can accommodate nearly all clients given her knowledge of a vast range of modalities.
She is available Monday through Wednesday and Friday through Saturday mornings.

Kelli C.
A licensed therapist for over seven years, the joy of being a part of someone’s healing process pushes Kelli to pull out the stops for every client.
Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Sports, and Pregnancy massages are the areas that she excels. 
She employs the use of trigger points and referral patterns of pain to ensure relief. Deep, relaxing, and attentive, Kelli is always sure to deliver exactly what you need.
She is available Monday through Friday evenings.

Chandler C.
Specializing in Deep Tissue, Chandler’s focus is making sure each of her clients comes out feeling refreshed and feeling their best.
She has been a licensed therapist for almost five years. Chandler has always had a love for the human body and how it functions, which she brings into her massage,
helping the body work more effectively.
She is available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings as well as Wednesday and Sunday afternoons.

Lasonda W.
A senior therapist for over sixteen years, Lasonda loves having a career where she can give back. She enjoys the instant relief she can give to her clients.
She specializes in a vast range of modalities. Always wanting to help others, Lasonda is very attentive and thorough.
She is available Monday and Saturday evenings.

Rachel H.
Licensed for almost six years, Rachel enjoys being a therapist for the ability to help heal.
She has always had an interest in the mechanics on how the body functions giving her a passion for helping others.
Rachel specializes in Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular therapy, Myofascial Release, and Therapeutic modalities.
Rachel is available Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as Friday mornings.
Lisa M.
Having the ability to improve someone’s life, even if it may just be temporary is what pushed Lisa to pursue massage therapy.
She has been licensed four years and excels in relaxation, Therapeutic, and stress relieving modalities.
She is available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings.

Bonnie B.
Licensed for five years, Bonnie has excelled in massage therapy. One of the most fulfilling parts of her life is the ability to help people
create room in their bodies for growth and healing. Bonnie specializes in Sports, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, TMJ disorder,
Prenatal, Hot Stones, Craniosacral, and Reflexology modalities. Bonnie is both gentle, caring, and attentive when it comes to her clients.
She is available Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Audrey F.
The connection to her clients and seeing them improve is what drew Audrey to becoming a massage therapist.
She has been a licensed massage therapist for six years. Audrey specializes in relaxing Therapeutic, Reflexology, and Prenatal with major focuses on the neck and shoulder area.
Audrey is a strong believer in the benefits that massage therapy can bring to you.
She is available Wednesday through Friday evenings as well as Saturday nights.

Mario W.
A senior therapist for over seventeen years, Mario graduated from Bryman College in Los Angeles, California in 2000.
He specializes in Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Sports, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Craniosacral Therapy, Chair Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Medical Massage,
Neuromuscular Reeducation, and Advanced Myofascial Release. He is a true renaissance man of the massage therapy world.
Mario is confident, kind, and most importantly, effective.

He is available Tuesday through Friday afternoon/evenings and Sunday afternoons.